There are these occupying forces in my mind. My thoughts and decisions are constantly being fought over.

These forces kind of look like this pyramid.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 22.14.08.png

The messages of these different forces scream different words.

The bottom rung, society, is often the most subtle but the most powerful. Society is government, family, friends, expectations, culture, religion. We grow up with assumptions that we never question.

The second, media, is louder. It’s TV, news, advertising, social media. It’s fighting for our attention and working to get us to believe the masses. It’s anxious in nature and hard to ignore.

The third is professionals. “Professionals” are everywhere. They’re a dime a dozen.

Here’s an original joke based on true facts:

What happens if you ask three doctors whether you should have surgery? …

You get three different answers.

The top rung, self-knowledge, is the scariest. It’s full accountability. It’s at the pinnacle and is the hardest to get to, because you have to bypass the other 3.


  • Society: eat three times a day. breakfast is important.
  • Media: coconut oil is bad, don’t eat that. coffee is good. coffee is bad.
  • Professionals: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. breakfast is not important Oh, try this diet. It works too.
  • Self: Every body is different. There’s no silver bullet. It pays to do my own research. Everyone has an opinion. I drink coffee.


  • Society: go to school. get a job.
  • Media: buy a house, buy more stuff, work more.
  • Professionals: pay me money, I’ll teach you how to be me.
  • Self: there is richness in life, not money. Being myself is free. There’s more than one path.


  • Society: you need to be a millionaire.
  • Media: Buy bitcoin now
  • Professionals: follow me on twitter and do what I say.
  • Self: I only need $40k a year. I’m responsible for my own actions. F*ck twitter.

Shower’s over.

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  1. Your shower thoughts made me laugh – I wonder what triggered them? Was it something you discussed with your family over an oversized steak?

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