Location: Harry’s Sandwich Shop, Harajuku

Jeremy is a fellow Texan and crypto enthusiast. When I launched my drone rental company Seranova I ran a Facebook ad campaign to collect emails and phone numbers. Going old school, I dialed up 100 people in hope of making a sale.

Jeremy’s name landed on the list; while he wasn’t interested in buying or renting any drones, we had a good chat, and ended up working on some drone related projects later on. It’s funny how some friendships start.

His friend Harry moved from San Fran to Tokyo a few years ago and recently started a sandwich shop in Harajuku, right off of Takeshita-dori. Livin’ the dream! They’ve got meatball subs which you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Tokyo. The Subway restaurants in Japan notoriously left out the meatball sub from their menu — god knows why, but I remember being thoroughly dismayed upon my first arrival to Japan.

After a dozen or so beers, Jeremy and I naturally got talking crypto.

Crypto Mania

-There are currently dozens of cryptocurrency trading bots on offer. They range from free software that anyone can use to expensive subscription-based bots for professional crypto day traders.

-The Icenter litecoin bot pays 1.4% daily on however much you put in each day the seed + profit on your investment is shown in your balance. You can either reinvest (when the balance reaches 0.1 ltc) or withdraw. Each time you reinvest, that amount compounds as part of your active investments. You can check it out here: https://t.me/iCenter_Lite_BOT?start=6g17k929054

-This trading bot has 30 day contracts starting at 4%, but holds higher risk compared to Icenter. https://t.me/CryptoTrading_LTC_bot?start=te51x I’ll be trying out both.

-Revolut. This finance/remittances/multi currency account app has been in development for two years now and looking quite promising. It allows you to spend fee-free globally with the real exchange rate and make free international ATM withdrawals. The beta is out in Japan soon. Check out their site here https://www.revolut.com/?p=REF and youtube explainer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63lwQ1qCx_U

-Roger Ver continues to evangelize bitcoin cash with a host of upcoming partnerships in Japan. He’s an interesting character. While he gets a lot of hate for some of his shenanigans on Youtube, he’s been dedicated to his mission for years, and I respect that. Here’s a recent video he put out retelling the story of his short stint in federal prison.

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  1. gratefully appreciated you answering my question. you gave me excellent answer +where to go to learn about the “trading bot subject” I was curious about. The video from Roger Ver really moved me. I could feel the living hell he described in his experience & hope this never ever happens to anybody . He did nothing to deserve this There are 2 things in life that are priceless to me freedom & love,

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