I’m a Tokyo-based ex-recruiter, author and blogger. Actually, right now I’m living in the Netherlands but travel extensively and go back and forth to Japan. In the past 5 years I’ve helped companies like Facebook and Amazon build their hiring strategies, started my own company, learned Japanese, and traveled the world. I write daily on my blog, Quora, and Medium. 

Why I Write

I live by the motto “Write every day. Read voraciously. Then see what happens.”  There’s a lot we can learn from books and I love to share the ideas and insights I get from them in a meaningful and interesting way.

But books only get you so far — we have to discover life ourselves. Ultimately one of the biggest values I can add is to share what I’ve learned and gained from my own experiences, in hopes of helping those around me.

A few topics that I’m deeply fascinated by:

– The intersection of meaningful work, purpose and happiness 
– Boosting productivity without sacrificing freedom
– Cryptocurrencies and the future of money 
– The fusion of Buddhism and modern psychology
– Optimizing health, genetics, and neuro-hacking 
– Everything related to Japan

To get started check out my top articles and my weekly newsletter here. You can contact me at mishayoucandoit AT gmail.com

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