While I try and be as helpful as I can in my writing, I realize that reading words on a screen is a one-way street and has its limitations. Often times all it takes is a good conversation to steer us in the right direction. After all, we’re hardwired for connection, and without it our lives don’t have much value or meaning. 

I’m available for one-on-one consulting in a few different areas. Most of the below topics are covered in my blog posts and books, so I would recommend you start there. If you still have questions and feel like a deeper conversation would be valuable, you can reach out to me at 

  • Finding work in Japan (job/interview prep)
  • Recruitment in Japan (interview preparation) 
  • Career-coaching, interview prep, resume feedback. 
  • Extended travel, moving and living abroad (planning/risk management/tips)
  • Productivity, habit-building, goal-setting (systems vs. goals)
  • Healthy living (cutting alcohol, boosting energy, keto, workout regiments) 
  • Blogging, writing, freelancing (how to start, where to post, how to freelance blog, how to win clients)
  • Kindle publishing/ writing your first book (step by step, the writing process/publishing/artwork, editing and marketing)
  • Meditation and Vipassana retreats 
  • Crypto trading/investing/passive income (risk management/fundamental analysis) 
  • Planning your great escape (and quitting your job) 


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