I offer 1:1 coaching in a few different areas below. This centers around anything in and around careers, productivity, happiness and Japan. It can start more broadly with questions like, “What should I do in my career” and can also get very specific, i.e., crafting a job search strategy for landing a job at Amazon. 

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life — freelancers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and general managers of Fortune 500 companies. 

You can reach out to me at with your proposal/intro and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also book a time below in my calendar for a quick chat to discuss. 

  • Finding a job in Japan, from identifying the right company, submitting your application, interviewing, and negotiating your offer. There’s more than one path, and you’re not going to find all the answers on reddit. 
  • Hiring in Japan; if you’re a business looking to setup in Japan and hire staff (particularly in tech), this is my bread and butter. Most companies f*ck up when they enter Japan. Don’t get lured in by expensive market entry firms that promise you the world, get a second opinion (and if I can’t help, I’ll connect you to someone who can). 
  • Productivity, habit-building, and goal-setting; I can act as a sounding board and accountability partner to give open feedback and help you achieve whatever goal you’re setting out to accomplish. I will gently call you out on BS. 
  • Career-coaching, interview prep, and resume feedback; we can get into the weeds of crafting winning emails to HR and getting your CV past the proverbial unread inbox and in front of real eyeballs. 
  • Life coaching. Extended travel, moving and living abroad (planning/risk management/tips); we can plan your great escape together and share strategies for traveling on a budget or adapting to a totally new environment, from making friends to finding work in a foreign land. 
  • Meditation and mindfulness; I’m no monk, but I’ve been meditating for five years and have participated in several silent retreats. Meditation is not a panacea, and the re-integration into a ‘normal life’ can be challenging. Living in our paradoxical and often contradictory world requires a light attitude and sense of humor. 



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