Hey my name is Misha and thanks for visiting my site. I’m a Tokyo-based ex-recruiter, author and blogger. In the past 5 years I’ve helped companies like Facebook and Amazon build their hiring strategies, started (and shut down) my own company, learned Japanese, and quit my job.

Like most people, my interests are varied. The result is my writing on an eclectic range of topics, ranging from psychology, entrepreneurship, blockchain technology, productivity, Japan, health and finding meaningful work.

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Why I Write

I live by the motto “Write every day. Read voraciously. Then see what happens.” There’s a lot we can learn from books and I love to share the ideas and insights I get from them in a meaningful and interesting way.

But books only get you so far — we have to discover life ourselves. Ultimately one of the biggest values I can add is to share what I’ve learned and gained from my own experiences, in hopes of helping those around me.

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