My fascination with Japan stems back to when I was a pimply 12-year old boy. I was living in France at the time and had to take an extra language class, on top of taking French (which I didn’t speak). My choices were Italian, German or Japanese. Out of an act of rebelliousness, I chose to learn Japanese (instructed in French…). Surely, learning one of the hardest languages in the world in a language I didn’t even understand would be impossible. Instead, I ended up learning both French, Japanese and quickly became enthralled in everything Japan. A few years later I took the leap, moved to Tokyo and joined a recruitment firm, where I met some amazing people, and helped companies like Facebook and Amazon build their hiring strategies. I quit that job after 4 years and started my own company selling drones. I got bored, so I shut that down, and have since been traveling, consulting and pursuing my true passion – writing. My goal is to provide fun and actionable insights about Japan, and I hope you can find something useful below. Japanese Society  Work in Japan  Life in Japan Anecdotes Other
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