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Gouler Pen (To Take Kindle Notes)

I highlight a lot when I read on my Kindle; the product is all of the Kindle Notes that I share for free.

It used to be a pain in the ass to highlight because my fingers are a little too fat to precisely highlight each line. I’d spend minutes trying to gently move and position my finger on just the right spot. I probably looked a techno-sadist as I sipped coffee and slowly seduced my digital reader for hours on end.

Anyways, I got this Gouler Pen which basically solved that problem. It’s ultra-precise, and it’s like having a little robo-finger extension. I can highlight the shit out of everything now.

FYI, it works on the e-ink reader as well as iPads.

Get it here on Amazon.

“If you not taking notes, you’re not learning.” – Someone smart

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