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Bullish on Bitcoin

What are the best valuation frameworks and tools to identify undervalued crypto projects? How do you make smarter investments and stop losing money? And what does Bruce Lee have to teach us about becoming better traders?

I’ve interviewed dozens of investors, traders and entrepreneurs to ask them these questions and much, much more. From bounties to avatars that earn you tokens, Bullish on Bitcoin outlines dozens of strategies to trade, invest, create, and explore the new decentralized economy.

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The STAR Interview

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The STAR Interview Method is used by millions of people all around the world to answer interview questions and tell stories. Fortune 500 companies (Amazon included) recommend using the STAR method to answer behavioral interview questions. 

Whether you’re just starting your job search, already interviewing with a company, or looking for a different way to stand out — there are a dozen different ways you can incorporate the technique into your life. But it’s not just about interviewing. Any time you present yourself, doing it in a narrative or story format will open people’s ears. 

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How to Become a Recruiter in Japan

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Whether you’re fresh out of college, an English teacher who wants to quadruple their salary, or simply think headhunting is cool after having watched the Norwegian film Hodejegerne, this 141-page guide covers everything you need to help you land a job in the recruitment industry. 

This is what you’ll learn:

- What type of recruitment agency is right for you
In-depth review of recruitment business models/styles
How to ace role-play interviews and answer trick questions
- Dozens of great questions you can ask interviewers
- Biggest mistakes to avoid and overcoming the perception of being a "flyjin"
- Salary structures, perks, and how to negotiate favorable terms
- Tips from expert recruiters 

While I’m no longer in the industry, my inspiration for writing this was pretty straightforward: I wanted to share the information that I wish I had 5 years ago when I was applying for recruitment jobs.

Cracking the Amazon Interview

While we can’t predict every question that Amazon will ask in an interview, the process is fairly structured. This makes the interview process transparent and easy to prepare for because we know many of the themes they will cover and questions they will ask. Imagine if your teacher in university told you most of the questions that were going to be on the test beforehand – all you would have to do is practice. Consider this book your study guide.

What’s in the book:

• How to supercharge your resume and tailor keywords to get noticed by Amazon hiring managers
• Tips to answer Amazon’s behavioral interview questions
• Understand the Amazon business model (the “flywheel”) and how it relates to the interview
• Common pitfalls and how to avoid them
• Perspectives from Amazon hiring managers across the world

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