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I’m a Tokyo-based author, blogger and entrepreneur. I write about tech, Japan, and how to make the most out of life. I read a lot, but I try and keep my writing straightforward and speak from my own experience. Check out my articles below to get started!

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A Simple Heuristic for Better Decision-Making


Here’s a powerful, yet simple heuristic you can use in decision-making that I got from Shane Parrish of Farnam Street Blog. When faced with a tough decision, choose the one where the First Order Effects are negative, but the Second Order Effects are positive. For example…. The first order effects of drinking alcohol are positive — “this is fun, I ...

How Much Meditation is Enough?


I was in Thailand a few weeks ago and signed up to do a 5 day Vipassana retreat. The place was situated on the top of a mountain overlooking the village. The perfect location. I booked it. In the meantime, I continued working. Freelance writing, mostly. I didn’t think much about the retreat until the day before ...

How to Build a Magical Fort in 2019


An Alternative to Failed New Year’s Resolutions When I was eight (or maybe older…) I would invite my friends over and we’d spend a couple of hours creating an elaborate fort in my room. It was made of pillows, blankets and propped up by chairs. I remember feeling like it was the safest place in the ...

Books Every Crypto Enthusiast Should Read this Winter


Topics are multidisciplinary and range from economics, trading, network theory, technology, futurism, finance, sociology and the history of money. Two things before we start:  I’m giving away all of these books for free. Anyone can enter the giveaway by sharing a Tweet or FB post.  These links are Amazon affiliate links, so I get a small cut if you ...

I Told my Boss “No”


I put in my two weeks notice. Actually, it was a 3-months notice. I had been planning to quit for some time, so I felt it was the least I could do. I felt responsible to my team and didn’t want to step on any toes or burn any bridges or smash any pumpkins. The clock ...

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