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How to Break Bad Habits: Lessons from Vietnam


For decades, heroin was seen as the worst drug out there — instantly and permanently addictive, leading to a desire so insatiable that users would go to the extremes of theft and robbery to acquire the substance. The government rightfully labeled it a ‘hard drug’ with strict penalty. It’s perception was based on true stories ...

How to Use Regret, Financial Anxiety and Boredom to Shift Your Identity and Build New Habits


When changing diets, people rarely say “now I only eat cabbage, eggplants, and potatoes for dinner.” Rather, we hear them proclaim what they are. “I’m vegetarian.” Or, “I’m keto,” or “I’m paleo.” While they may not say it out loud, their diet becomes pinned to an identity. They spend money on cookbooks, seek out Facebook ...

Is life a battle, test, adventure, journey, game, or stage?


When I was traveling to Costa Rica with my good friend, we had a 7-hour layover in Dallas. We were tired and decided to take a nap for a few hours. We set our alarms before our flight was supposed to leave, but our phones didn’t adjust for the correct time zone. We woke up thinking ...

Digital Minimalism


The degree to which online media and apps suck our attention was made viscerally apparent to me several months ago after I finished my 10-day silent meditation retreat. Coming back from 100 hours of no reading, writing, speaking, or technology, I turned on my iPhone for the first time in 11 days. I looked at all ...

Do we shape technology, or does it shape us?


One side makes the argument that technology is neutral, but it’s how we use it that defines us, i.e., you can use a hammer to pound a nail, or you can use it to smash someone’s face. Steam engines can be used to transport coal or commercial goods…or they can be used to transport Jews to concentration ...

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