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I’m a Tokyo-based author, blogger and entrepreneur. I write about tech, Japan, and how to make the most out of life. I read a lot, but I try and keep my writing straightforward and speak from my own experience. Check out my articles below to get started.

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The Coxswain Effect: How to Put Power in Every Stroke When You Can’t See Where You’re Going


Years ago the Winklevoss twins made their Hollywood debut in The Social Network, which is perhaps most famous for the intense rowing scene where they went head-to-head with another boat on the Charles River.   Their Viking-like statures made an impression on me and it was that scene that, on probably a subconscious level, nudged me to join ...

The Unique Benefits of Walking Without Purpose


Lessons from Thoreau and meandering French philosophers   One day Henry David Thoreau decided to walk 216 miles from Concord Massachusetts to Staten Island, New York. As he left Concord, horse cabbies dared to ask the great walker Henry if he’d like a ride, only to be met by his scoffing laugh, “Surely, you jest! I’d rather ...

Why Japanese People Get Really Excited about Mountains and Why You Should Too


Small Mountains, Big Emotions There’s a saying that goes something like, “A wise man climbs Fuji once. Only a fool climbs it twice.” I’ve climbed Mt. Fuji twice now and plan to climb it again this year. I remember on both occasions when I reached the summit, there was a lot of excitement around me, pouring out ...

Onsens and Nudity


I was raised in the U.S in a relatively conservative town near the Mexican border and went to a Baptist school for several years. While I never became a religious person, my views on certain topics like sexuality and politics were definitely influenced by my education during those early years. Not surprisingly, I was taught that ...

Hiring Talent in Japan: Worst Reasons for Declining a Job Offer


If you’re looking to hire people in Japan, finding and identifying specific names of people isn’t that tough — you can scour LinkedIn, pick up a phone book, go on Bizreach, or use other local job boards. It’s convincing them, engaging them, and actually getting them to take an offer that’s the really tough part. I’ve heard ...

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