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10 Myths about Japan


1. “Japanese trains are always on time.” The statistics you see on extremely punctual trains are usually in reference to the high-speed bullet train — the Shinkansen. It’s almost always on time. But bullet trains only make up a small fraction of trains in Japan. Tickets are expensive and they’re often very long distance, so incentives ...

Why Your “Calling” is Not One Thing


I used to believe that having a single “calling” or “passion” was important. And that it was critical I identify that as soon as possible and do it for the rest of my life. Or else life would be squandered and I’d never live up to my potential to do that “one thing.” There’s even a ...

Diet Mentality vs. Fuel Mentality


Diet Mentality vs. Fuel Mentality We have contradicting mindsets about food. On one hand, we think too much about it. We’re constantly judging food as good for me or bad for me. That is modern dieting culture. On the other hand, we don’t think about food enough. We stare at our phones and forget to pay ...

On the virtues of being a paperboy


It’s barely Sunday and the sound of Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’ chimes through my room at 3:30 am. For a brief flash of a second I think that I mistakenly set my phone alarm, realize that it ain’t so, and then reality hits me; I signed up for this. Then my second alarm goes off, and ...

11 Documentaries That Will Make You Think (With Questions)


#1. Werner Herzog’s Into the Inferno Herzog’s documentaries often feature ambitious heroes and impossible adventures that always bring us back to nature and what it means to be human. His commentary throughout is unmistakably eccentric and his voice enjoyably conspiratorial — even his biggest “failed” documentaries are epic. He lingers way too long after he’s asked ...

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