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11 Documentaries That Will Make You Think (With Questions)


#1. Werner Herzog’s Into the Inferno Herzog’s documentaries often feature ambitious heroes and impossible adventures that always bring us back to nature and what it means to be human. His commentary throughout is unmistakably eccentric and his voice enjoyably conspiratorial — even his biggest “failed” documentaries are epic. He lingers way too long after he’s asked ...

Devil’s Advocates vs. Authentic Dissenters


Appointing a devil’s advocate was a practice originated by the Catholic Church over 500 years ago. When the church was deciding to canonize a priest, they would have another person critically examine their life, miracles and spiritual commitment. It was a real job up until 1983 when the Pope decided to do away with it. Nowadays playing ...

Crypto Tips: Three Capital Buckets You Should Have


I’ve had friends who bought Bitcoin for the “long term” but then sold it after a few months at a loss. You hear about traders who are “trading” cryptocurrencies but hodl their dear shit coins when the price drops in hopes of mega-gains sometime in the future. Others set up for a big swing trade over weeks/months, ...

The Reason I Got Rid of My Juicer and Why We’re Moving Too Fast


Thoughts on the limits of technological utility There is a threshold to using our much-coveted technological advancements. When we cross this line of utility, we find that using the technology no longer becomes useful. In fact, it can often be counterproductive and harmful. While new technologies solve problems, they’re often accompanied by a slew of unintended ...

The Rise of Boredom: How our Stone-Age Brains Fail in Our Space-Age World


Take a step back in time and imagine you are a hunter-gatherer living 30,000 years ago in prehistoric France. Your survival depends on a few things, like recognizing imminent danger. You can’t afford to mistake a vicious sabre-toothed tiger for a friendly housecat. Since responding rapidly  to these potential threats was crucial, you were constantly scanning ...

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